Japan Society for Ova Research (JSOR)

About The Japan Society for Ova Research
The Japan Society for Ova Research (JSOR) was established for the study of gametogenesis, fertilization, embryogenesis, and implantation in animals and humans , and to promote the discussion of various themes on assisted reproductive technology (ART) such as in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Currently, the JSOR has about 2,100 members. The JSOR also provides certification for embryologists and senior embryologists engaged in ART.

JSOR members include basic scientists, clinicians and embryologists. The preceding society was organized in 1960 to promote fundamental studies focused on fertilization and embryogenesis. Subsequently, clinicians and embryologists in reproductive technology joined the society. Today, the JSOR is positioned as a unique society whose membership comprises both basic researchers and clinicians specializing in reproduction studies.

◆The JSOR provides various services for members via the society’s website. JSOR members can find information about annual meetings and use our online payment service for their membership subscription. The user ID and password of “m3.com gakkai kenkyuukai” are required to access these services.

Administrative Office of the Japan Society for Ova Research (JSOR)
Office hours: Monday - Friday 9:30-17:30
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E-mail: jsor-info@procomu.jp

Administrative Office of Japanese society of Ova Research:

General Secretary of JSOR
〒100 - 0003  TEL: 03-6267-4550 、 FAX: 03-6267-4555
E-mail: maf-jsor@mynavi.jp